Wang, Zhuofei

Dr. Zhuofei Wang

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin | Kunstwissenschaft | Philosophie | Ästhetik und Kunsttheorie

Dr. Zhuofei Wang, Chinese-German scholar, is Assistant Professor of philosophical aesthetics and art theory at the Institute for Philosophy and the Department of Art History of the University of Kassel. She is a board member of the German Society for Aesthetics (DGÄ). Her project for qualification of German professorship (Habilitation) is on “Atmosphäre als Kategorie einer Naturästhetik” at the same institutes. Her current interests cover aisthetik, intercultural philosophy, body phenomenology, design philosophy, aesthetics of nature, environmental aesthetics and environmental art. She has around 40 peer-reviewed publications in Chinese, German, and English. In addition, she chaired several important academic meetings such as the European Conference for Aesthetics in 2017 and 2018 and the International Conference for Wittgenstein Philosophy in 2016. Furthermore, she translated 17 articles from German or English to Chinese. 

Since 2010, Wang has been making efforts to promote the communication between Europe and East Asia in the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, art theory and practice. She is co-founder of the Sino-German Center for Aesthetics and Art Theory (foundation date: 2018). So far she has organized more than 40 academic events primarily for German and Chinese aestheticians, art theorists and art curators. Her recent important academic activities include guest professor at the University of Shanghai (2017), co-organizer of the International Conference “Visual Culture, New Media and Contemporary Art” (Shanghai, 2017), co-organizer, moderator and interpreter of the International Symposium “The Present and Future of Visual Arts” (Shanghai, 2017), co-organizer of the International Conference "Contemporary Art and Anthropology: Exploring the State of the Art in Fashion Studies" (Hangzhou, 2017).

In October 2018, she will be invited as guest professor to the master lecture and workshop on the theme of „Landschaft/Shanshui“ within the framework of the cooperation between the University of Tongji and the University of Humboldt. Furthermore, she is co-organizing the International Conference for Sociological Aesthetics (Hangzhou, 2019) which will be the first collaboration between the Chinese Aesthetic Society and the German Aesthetic Society. In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Eva Koethen, she is also co-organizing the International Conference „Leib und Phänomenologie“ which will take place at the University of Hanover in 2019.

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