Study workshop for lithography and gravure printing

The printing techniques of lithography and gravure printing are communicated in introductory courses at this workshop. Once students have participated in an introductory course, they can complete their own artistic projects.  

The printing techniques of lithography and gravure printing require an intense focus on hand drawings. The knowledge of drawing is consolidated by dealing with the characteristic possibilities of expression in gravure and flat printing.

The printing techniques include a variety of possibilities of becoming aware of the use of lines, the creation of colour fields, their structure and texture. Experimenting, reflecting on and questioning the inclusion of chance and serial production are the major aspects of the work in the workshop for lithography and gravure printing.

Equipment: Gravure printing workshop (room 0120)

  • 2 etching presses
  • 1 electrical heating plate
  • 1 etching cabinet
  • 1 dust box

Lithography workshop (room 0118)

  • 2 hand-operated presses
  • 1 hand-operated press with an electric drive system
  • a separate grinding room


Wallbach, Ulla

Wallbach, Ulla

Leitung Studienwerkstatt Lithografie und Tiefdruck

Ulla Wallbach studierte von 1982- 1988 an der Kunsthochschule Kassel in der Klasse für Illustration bei Professor Hans Hillmann und arbeitete in der Lithografie- und Tiefdruckwerkstatt. Von 1989- 1990 folgte das Studium der more…


Mo bis Do: 10–17 Uhr / Fr: 10–15 Uhr

Raum: 0119


T: +49 561 804 5361 / 5417