Application for the Design Programme in Visual Communication

Entry Requirements

If an applicant has a university entrance qualification (e.g. advanced school-leaving certificate, master craftsman's certificate) combined with artistic talent, he or she is eligible to apply to study Visual Communication. Evidence of artistic talent must be provided in an art entrance examination.

Applicants without a relevant certificate may also register and will be admitted if they show evidence of outstanding artistic talent in the art entrance examination.

Applicants who do not have a university entrance qualification and are applying for admission based on outstanding artistic talent are obliged to make this known on the registration form.

Registration for the Entrance Examination

Applicants may begin their studies only in the winter semester. The entrance examination is the first occasion on which applicants bring and present their portfolio. Registration for the entrance examination must be received by 30 April of the year in question (date of the postmark).

Important! For applicants with time-based motion picture formats:

In addition to registration for the entrance examination, these works must be submitted by 30 April. Please send the registration form to:

Kunsthochschule Kassel
Visual Communication
Menzelstraße 13-15
D-34121 Kassel

The Portfolio

The portfolio should be compiled so as to provide information about the applicant's development, personality and knowledge. The portfolio should contain at least 25 meaningful works. The works should not exceed the 70 x 100 cm format. Larger or three-dimensional works may be enclosed as reproductions. Sketchbooks and drafts are desirable as they frequently enable more conclusions to be made about the applicant's way of thinking and approach than merely an image of the finished work.

Digital (screen-based) works must be submitted via e-mail as attachments or as downloads in the form of URLs (and in exceptional cases also on DVD) in the data formats .pdf, .jpg, .png, .mov, .avi, .mpg, .mkv (all formats playable in VLC), .swf (Flash), .pde (Processing), .jar (Java Applet), or html (runnable on modern browsers). Online works (URLs), apps (Android/iOS) may also be submitted. The online work/URL/app will be deemed not to have been submitted if there are problems with network, server or store. Apps should contain the original name, an activation code and the download location/store. Standalone applications (e.g. games) are, of course, also accepted and should be executable on current PC or Apple operating systems without additional software. Social media (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube channels, Facebook), Open Source software projects, Tor/onion addresses and online hacks can also be submitted.

We advise all applicants, who, in their portfolios, would like to present works or work samples that use motion pictures (film, video etc.), to submit film- and animated cartoon-related works  via a link to an Internet platform (preferably Vimeo, indicating the password if password-protected). If this is not possible, the submission can be made as an MP4 file (on DVD, CD or USB stick) or as a DVD video in DVD-PAL format.

The following must be enclosed with the portfolio:

  • Name, address, telephone number, e-mail
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A signed declaration that all works have been produced personally. Applicants must list any fellow workers or co-authors, identifying the proportion and nature of their contribution.

Furthermore, applicants should state the specialization in Visual Communication in which they are most interested.

Procedure for the Selection Process

The art aptitude test lasts one day. Applicants will receive written notification as to whether they will be admitted a few days later by post.

On the day of their examination, applicants will be given a task which they can work on and present using their resources in the allotted time. No working materials will be provided. Candidates will have an opportunity to introduce themselves with their portfolio in a subsequent discussion and, where applicable, to answer questions about their work. You can take your portfolio with you again immediately on completion of the entrance examination.

The following must be brought to the entrance examination, depending on preferences:

  • DIN A2 drawing paper
  • Various drawing pencils and paintbrushes
  • Coloured pens, colours for mixing (watercolours, tempera, tinting colours and such like)
  • Glue, scissors, cutters and cutting surface
  • Camera, laptop (optional)

Applicants for the specializations in photography, film/television and video are also allowed an instamatic camera or DV video camera, which they can bring with them. Play options for film (16 mm) and video are available.