FAQ on the coronavirus for students

Questions and answers about studying at the Kunsthochschule Kassel during the time of the coronavirus (updated: Apr. 6, 2021).

What can we expect in the summer semester of 2021?
The summer semester will in all likelihood be a hybrid semester. Priority will be given to digital teaching. Whether there will more in-person offerings - beyond the usual formats of atelier, student workshops, etc. - cannot currently be foreseen and depends on the state of the pandemic and political decisions.

Will in-person teaching take place?
Priority is given to digital events for teaching. In-person offerings will continue to be reduced to the absolute necessary minimum. They will only take place in cases where digital teaching is impossible, where it requires special teaching spaces (lab, workshop, atelier). Such teaching events must be approved in advance by the rector’s office.

What will the form of exams be?
In-person exams will continue to take place in coordination with teachers.

Am I permitted to work in the student workshops and ateliers?
Students in the final phase of their studies can be given access to particular spaces like ateliers and workshops, etc., under strict hygiene measures. Please contact the supervising teachers in enough time that your requests can be forwarded to the rector’s office.

Will this year’s ‘Rundgang’ take place?
Whether the Rundgang can take place at the end of the summer semester is unclear at this point in time. This will be discussed as an agenda item at the next council meeting (Apr. 28, 2021).

What opportunities exist to present my work?
Different programs at the Kunsthochschule are holding exhibitions or film screenings digitally. Outside of the digital space, spaces such as display windows are being used as exhibition formats.

Is the Kunsthochschule library open?
The library at the Kunsthochschule is open. The library team is available for advice and service Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 3:00. Please also regularly visit the website of the Kassel University Library to keep informed about current opening hours: Link: www.uni-kassel.de/ub.

Is it permitted to enter the buildings at the Kunsthochschulle permitted?
Contacts within the buildings at the Hochschule should be restricted to what is necessary, and measures for distancing and hygiene should be followed (see the house rules at: Hausordnung und AHA+L-Regeln der Universität Kassel).

Do I have to wear a mask covering nose and mouth in the Kunsthochschule buildings?
Masks covering the nose and mouth (at least medical/surgical masks, better FFP2 masks) are required as a general rule, at least in the public areas of the buildings at the Kunsthochschule and in the conference and meeting rooms until you have taken your seat. These rules also apply to those who have been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, those who have already recovered from an infection, and those who can present a current negative test result.

What is the AHA formula?
To reduce the risk of infection you are required to maintain general hygiene standards according to the AHA formula: Abstand halten, Hygiene beachten, Alltagsmaske tragen [keeping distance, observing hygiene, wearing masks]. Above all, regularly washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after classes is recommended. In addition, disinfectant dispensers have been installed at the entrances to break the chain of infection when entering the building, even without using the opportunities for hand washing.

How does contact data collection work with the web application darfichrein.de?
Contact data is collected quickly and without complications with your smart phone and the QR code-based web application darfichrein.de. The required QR codes can be found at the entrance to the rooms (ateliers, workshops, seminar rooms). You can find out how to register at: www.uni-kassel.de/go/darfichrein-registrierung and there is a list of FAQs at: www.uni-kassel.de/go/darfichrein-faq.

Are foreign study trips possible in principle?
Study abroad is possible in principle. The situation is very unsettled due to the pandemic, and this can lead to last-minute changes. You are therefore strongly advised to inform yourself regularly about the conditions of entry and residence before beginning any foreign stay, as well as about the requirements and general regulations of the institution involved. Whether or not an allotted grant has to repaid if the trip is canceled early or altogether is to be checked on a case-by-case basis, and may also be affected by the policies of the grant donor in each case. Provided you have successfully applied for an exchange slot, you can use the online offerings of the guest university. A combination of in-person and online teaching is also possible in many cases and can be financially supported. The team at the University of Kassel’s International Office is available for any questions you might have: www.uni-kassel.de.

I am abroad and am having trouble returning to Germany. What can I do?
Please turn to the team at the University of Kassel’s International Office. Here you will find contact persons to help you with individual questions: www.uni-kassel.de.

How can I use Zoom?
Instructions for activating the Zoom account can be found at "Zoom-Lizenz für Veranstalter": www.uni-kassel.de/its.

How can I redirect my university account news to my email server?
Information on activating redirection can be found at: ecampus.uni-kassel.de. After registering with your UniAccount you can install the redirection order.

Who can I turn to with questions about planning my studies?
Please contact your supervising teachers (www.kunsthochschulekassel.de).