The Laboratory for Table and Culinary Culture

The Laboratory for Table and Culinary Culture organises and arranges events as well as workshops that focus on issues like social dinners, ad-hoc cuisine, eating design and “communikitchen”. The central element is the workshop-like kitchen at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, where students have the opportunity to play a part in shaping the events.

The team at the Laboratory for Table and Culinary Culture focuses on issues like how preparing meals promotes social interaction, how table and culinary culture can be reorganised and how the relationship with eating will change in future. The team examines these issues from social, cultural and psychological points of view and by performing experiments – this involves practical research into different techniques for preparing food and consumption. Send an e-mail to: foodlab.khs[at]


The student initiative known as PANALOBBY, consisting of international students at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, has been working to increase the degree of internationalisation and networking at the Kunsthochschule since 2015. PANALOBBY plays a major role in optimising the internal structures and institutions for international students with its range of advisory services for international students and prospective students, a welcome breakfast that is held at the beginning of each semester and its different artistic projects. You can obtain more information on your questions and important dates here: info[at] 


Risowerkstatt is a printing lab organised by two student assistants. They take care of a Riso ME 3950e and look after students’ projects. Risography is a printing technology similar to screenprinting. Risowerkstatt prints posters, flyers, zines, magazines, books, in editions from 5 - 1000. It is possible to print in beautiful spot colours, with different screen patterns, and there is a selection of papers to choose from. Risowerkstatt is a great oppotunity for students to get to know this hip printing technology in the small press scene and to print cheaply and ecologically! The Risowerkstatt is located in Room 0100 (Atrium). Email us if you have any questions: risowerkstatt[at]


The Stellwerk is a student-run exhibition space at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. The Stellwerk team sees itself, on the one hand, as a platform for young artists whose works have not been shown up to now or, if so, only rarely. On the other hand, it aims to appeal to and present already established artists. In addition, the students want to promote integration with artists and artist groups in Kassel as well as outside the town. Constantly changing exhibitions with vernissages in the presence of the artists make the Stellwerk a point of reference for art enthusiasts from Kassel and beyond.

Stellwerk im KulturBahnhof
Rainer-Dierichs-Platz 1
34117 Kassel


As a platform for young art and club culture, TOKONOMA in Kassel arranges and organizes talks, film programmes, exhibitions and club nights. The young association's concern is to reflect on contemporary issues in art, film and music, and to promote young artists from these fields. In the spring of 2012, the TOKONOMA community converted a former beauty salon in the southern part of the city of Kassel into a multifunctional event room, the TOKONOMA apartment. Regular events take place there on Tuesday evenings, with exhibitions being opened in the apartment's display window every month. TOKONOMA is curated and organized by students at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

Tokonoma Apartment
Frankfurterstr. 60
34121 Kassel