The medium of photography is offered in its entire range in the Visual Communication degree programme. The specialization is geared to the requirements of, and changes in, a new globalized work and art market.

The most diverse photographic genres such as image journalism, photographic design and artistic photography are taught, as are the possible uses of the latest digital recording and output technologies. Academic and theoretical knowledge in the art history, media and aesthetic disciplines are becoming increasingly important in transfer and are as much part of training as analytical experience of the image, publishing and exhibiting.

The training in photography moves in the push and pull between photography as a pure figurative statement, and photography as a proven means of various artistic discourses. In an open, interdisciplinary teaching programme, the photographic image is examined beyond the boundaries of its actual medium and not infrequently linked to the specializations in film, video, text, sound, as well as installation and sculpture.

The focus is on the image as an original, autonomous statement, with subsequent exploitation contexts initially being unimportant.

The aim of the study programme is to enable students to develop their own approach and image language and to train them as independent designers for the production, application and assessment of photographic statements.


Bielau, Laura

Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben | Fotografie

Buth, Peggy

Professur für Fotografie

Jenss, Holger

Jenss, Holger

Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter | Fotografie und Koordination Graduiertenschule Bewegtbild