09.12.2019 20:00 UHR


The infamous „Invisible Hand of the Market“ is widely known for its sense of justice. That's why we asked it to help us with the curation of our exhibition series Stichpröbchen and its answer was ¥€$. We are very grateful.

This time the hand came and chose ALICE HAGENBRUCH

Ghosts of the memory, Part I

In four works, the relations between acts of altruism and their impact on society, are examined and articulated by using biological metaphors. The exhibition will be opened at 7pm with a performance. Part II will be shown on the 17th of December in the class " Kunst im zeitgenössischen Kontext".

Be there on the opening night to witness who’s next.
There's going to be Glühwein as well!

Klasse Melhus, Room 0508, 09. December, 8 pm

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