08.07.2016 14:00 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

d14 Sessions #11, July 8 Marina Fokidis, Head of Artistic Office Athens documenta 14

During this session, Marina Fokidis – founder of Kunsthalle Athena and South is a State of Mind magazine – will reflect on the precarities and solidarities of working together within the ecology of a post-crisis art field, and the Greek context as paradigm.

01.07.2016 14:00 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

d14 Sessions #10, July 1 Roee Rosen, Artist

Alter egos and political provocation are just two of the methods used by the Israeli-American artist, filmmaker, writer, and teacher Roee Rosen. During the first part of the session, Rosen introduces two personalities, Justine Frank and Maxim Komar-Myshkin, who usher in a complex and manipulable set of narratives.

24.06.2016 14:00 UHR / öffentlich

d14 Sessions #9, June 24 Quinn Latimer, Editor-in-Chief of Publications documenta 14

Quinn Latimer’s session takes the form of an experimental reading, writing, and performance workshop. d14 Sessions is a documenta 14 project in collaboration with Kunsthochschule Kassel.

20.06.2016 14:00 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

Studium beendet – und dann?

Sie haben Ihren Hochschulabschluss erreicht, und eigentlich sollten Sie sich einfach nur ganz entspannt darüber freuen. Aber die Wirklichkeit sieht meist anders aus. Wir laden Sie ein, sich hier die erste Orientierung auf Ihrem Weg in die Arbeitswelt zu holen.

18.06.2016 – 19.06.2016 11:00 Uhr / hochschulöffentlich

Do you read me, really?

During our two-day reading session, Papiercafé and the collective ACAD&C re-read, re-think and re-act the documenta 14 magazine South as a State of Mind. As recipients we focus on the texts and the editorial design as transmitters of information. By experimenting with different methods, we will explore and acquire the content of the magazine.

17.06.2016 14:00 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

d14 Sessions #8, June 17 Paul B. Preciado, Curator of Public Programs documenta 14

During this session, writer, philosopher and curator Paul B. Preciado talks about the transformation of gender and sexual politics within the context of neoliberal societies, and about the production of subjectivity as a form of resistance.

14.06.2016 18:00 UHR / hochschulöffentlich

South as a State of Mind

To introduce the two-day reading session Do you read me, really?, Papiercafé and the collective ACAD&C will present the documenta 14 magazine South as a State of Mind. We will be talking about the magazine with Katrin Sauerländer, Head of Publications documenta 14 and Henriette Gallus, Head of Communications documenta 14.

13.06.2016 / hochschulöffentlich

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: d14 Summer Intensive – School of Listening

During a ten-day program, guided by the questions: What Shifts? What Drifts? What Remains?, contributors to documenta 14 share their practices of listening in fields as diverse as architecture, composition, performance, and history. Students from Kunsthochschule Kassel, the Universität Kassel, Musikakademie Kassel, and the Athens School of Fine Arts are invited to apply!