Studying Visual Arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel

Visual Arts are geared to all areas of life in their modes of expression. The diversity of artistic positions and emphases is the starting point for teaching art.

Fine Arts as a teaching programme therefore means: work opportunities in all media and forms of expression. The process of teaching and learning takes place in individual and group discussions and always makes demands on the whole person of the participants.

Engagement with the various art teachers and their positions, which is guaranteed by the permeability of the studios, is an essential component in developing an independent approach and work. Lectures and seminars in art history, art theory and philosophy, courses in the study workshops and field trips complete the range of teaching. Once a year at the end of the summer semester, the Round Tour takes place as a public university exhibition.

The study programme ends with the artistic final project after a regular study period of 10 semesters. Particularly talented students may be nominated as mater-class students.